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Philip W. Blood


An historian and freelance author. Born in Manchester, England - a resident of Aachen, Germany.


My research often focuses on the intersection of military operations, ideology, and war crimes, providing detailed analyses of how the German military and paramilitary organisations operated during the Nazi era. His work is well-regarded for its depth of research and contribution to understanding the complexities of wartime conduct and its impacts.

Recent books:

Putin's War, Russian Genocide: Essays About the First Year of the War in Ukraine, (Ibidem, 2023).

Birds of Prey: Hitler's Luftwaffe, Ordinary Soldiers and the Holocaust in Poland, (Ibidem, 2021).




Work in progress: 


A Journey into Darkness (temporary title, expected 2025). 

Steam Railways and Industrial Archaeology 

When I’m not writing or researching, I enjoy taking an interest in standard gauge steam railways in Europe and the USA, and industrial archaeology.

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