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Bastogne 2021 - part one

77th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge - part one follows the journey to Bastogne and Place MacAuliffe.

Set off from Aachen at 6.00am - Quellenhof Hotel - a scene of serious fighting in October 1944.

Forty minutes later at Eupen railway station - train bound for Liege - daylight but freezing cold. Eupen was the most northerly section of the Battle of the Bulge.

Just outside of Liege but the snow and mist reduced visibility.

At Manhay, collectors vehicles were began appearing.

George Winter's pamphlet gives details of the fighting in the Manhay area.

As the weather declined the police were forced to control preparations for some of the reenactments.

The police covered up against the weather and the temperature dropped below freezing.

Collectors vehicles began to increase in appearance giving a stark impression of how it was 77 years before.

By the time we reached Parker's Crossroads memorial, 20 minutes lated more snow and mist had descended.

Once in Bastogne, the visibility lifted but it was very cold.

Dutch and Belgian re-enactors in Place MacAuliffe.

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